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Flowers have been a great part of our lives from birth up to death.  It creates great ambiance and certain elegance. But a lot of people may opt to ask, why would you choose paper flowers over the real ones? Let me tell some reasons why you should consider paper flowers.

Paper flowers are better than the real ones

Paper flower last forever

Yes, it is true that real flowers are vibrant, colorful and pleasing to the eyes but it cannot hold its beauty for such a period of time.  Leaves and petals started to wither and fall from the ground, colors fade and start to rot.  The original beauty can no longer be traceable and that’s the time it ended up on your trashcans. While paper flower still holding its glory, still looking bright and welcoming 365 days.  Because of its durability, you can also reuse them multiple times and pass on to the next generation.

Easy on your allergies

Unlike the real flowers, paper flowers do not have pollens that causes allergic reactions to some people who are sensitive with it.  You can be at peace that no stuffy nose and watery eyes will stop you in celebrating your special occasion. 

Perfect for all occasions, Regardless of the Season

You may be wanting to give Hyacinth to a special someone but it is Summer or a Calla Lily but it is Winder? With paper flowers, worry no more!  Regardless of the season of the month, paper flowers bloom and boom.  We can create as big as the backdrop and wall décor, or as small as the corsage and boutonnières. Flowers can be, mix and match with the colors that you want, and arrange them according to your needs.  Paper flower have awesome realistic and live look that are great in pictures.

What are paper flowers made of?

Our paper flowers are made up of organic materials that are eco-friendly.  You may choose from different available materials and colors depending on your liking. 

If you’d like to discuss a custom order, inquiries and other questions, feel free to get in touch with us and we’d love to send you quotations and samples that you can choose from that suits your needs and budget.

You may also want to check how we are making the giant paper flowers. Please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4gxU2yoc5Q

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