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BeyondSmile Dental Clinic

Address: 106A- 106B, Laperal Apartments Village, Laperal Bldg, LAVA-S, Recto Ave, Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila 1008, Philippines
Telephone: (8) 779-7160
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BeyondSmile Dental Clinic is a reputable dental clinic in Manila that specializes in dental cosmetics. Prominent doctors, attorneys, and corporate executives are among our satisfied patients. Additionally, we serve clients from other countries, including those in Guam, Italy, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the Middle East, among others.

From routine checkups and cleanings to complex operations like implant placement and orthodontics, we provide a comprehensive range of services. The most recent technology is available in our state-of-the-art facility, including laser dentistry, intraoral cameras, and digital x-rays.

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